Quick Start on Görli Testnet

You might want to try out Raiden on a testnet before using it on mainnet or might need a development environment. For this reasons we provide a stable demo environment on Görli. The quickest way to get a Raiden node set up on this environment is to use the Raiden Wizard for Görli. This page will guide you through the process.


In order to use the Raiden Wizard and Raiden you’ll need:

  • A computer running Linux or macOS.

  • An Infura ID. Click here to get one.

Download the Wizard

Click on your operating system to download the Wizard:

Run the Wizard

  1. Extract and run the raiden_wizard program.

  2. Your web browser should open a new window with the Raiden Wizard. If not, you can manually type http://localhost:2640 to access the Wizard.

The Raiden Wizard will do the following for you:

  • Create a new Ethereum Account (the “Raiden Account”) specifically for using with the Wizard.

  • Fund this new Raiden Account with ETH from a faucet.

  • Mint SVT tokens for using the pathfinding and monitoring services.

  • Mint WIZ tokens for making payments in the Raiden Network.

  • Launch your Raiden node.


Note that the Görli Wizard uses test tokens, so don’t be confused by the RDN and DAI symbols.


Next steps

After the completion of the Wizard you will get redirected to the web interface of your Raiden node. See this page for a guide to the interface.

You can try to do your first payment by opening a channel with the Raiden Hub 0x1F916ab5cf1B30B22f24Ebf435f53Ee665344Acf and sending some WIZ tokens to it. The payment should show up on the hub’s webpage.

Restart your Raiden node

After you have shut down your Raiden node, the Raiden Wizard can be used as a launcher for your node. When you start the Wizard, it will recognise that you already created a configuration for your node and show a “Launch” button.