0.3.0 2018-02-22

  • [Feature] #921: Add /api/1/connection API endpoint returning information about all connected token networks.
  • [Feature] #1022: Include an errors field in all unsuccessful API responses.
  • [Feature] #1010: Add amount and target to EventTransferSentSuccess event.
  • [Feature] #670: Block raiden startup until ethereum node is fully synchronized.
  • [Feature] #1037: Add show_default to CLI options.
  • [Feature] #507: Making python’s channels crash resilient (recoverable). Note, this is a breaking change, the serialization format of channel objects changed to a WAL compatible representation.
  • [Feature] #1038: Introduce an upper limit for the settle_timeout attribute of the netting channel.
  • [Feature] #1097: Added --gas-price command line option.
  • [Feature] #1093: Reconnect raiden to ethereum node after disconnect.
  • [Feature] #1015: Added macOS compatibility and binary releases.
  • [Feature] #87: Update raiden to use Python 3 and the latest version of pyethereum.
  • [Feature] #1230: Unless specifically provided gas price and gas limit are now dynamically calculated from the eth_gasPrice() and latest blocks limit respectively.
  • [Bug] #1011: Remove settled attribute from the NettingChannel smart contract.
  • [Bug] #870: User selectable NAT traversal.
  • [Bug] #450: Removed block_number from contracts events, using block_number from block on which it was mined.
  • [Bug] #1049: Make raiden byzantium compatible by no longer relying on estimateGas.
  • [Bug] #1044: Rename /connection API endpoint to /connections for consistency.
  • [Bug] #1138: REST and Python API close did not work if a transfer was made.
  • [Bug] #1261: REST API now returns json error for invalid endpoints.
  • [Bug] #1224: Fix internal server error on REST endpoint /events/tokens/ for non-existing tokens.
  • [Bug] #1217: Correctly decode network events in the REST API.
  • [Bug] #1273: Don’t crash when using the --nat=ext:IP command line option.

0.1.0 2017-09-12