0.14.0 2018-10-20

  • [Feature] #2752: Renamed --network-type cli option to --environment-type.
  • [Bug] #2664: Raiden node will now wait for 5 block confirmations before processing a given transaction.
  • [Bug] #2794: UnlockPartialProofState does no longer raise AttributeError when accessing lockhash.
  • [Bug] #2813: Fixed swapped message and payment id, which caused problems on node restart.
  • [Bug] #2827: Fixed a typo in the handle_secretrequest function.
  • [Bug] #2449: Only polling events from confirmed blocks to prevent conflicts with reorgs.
  • [Bug] #2836: Contract version check now works for any deployed contract version.
  • [Bug] #2835: Incorrectly accepting a RemoveLockExpired is no longer possible
  • [Bug] #2845: Properly update local state balance proof during a lock expiration.

0.13.1 2018-10-15

  • [Bug] #2776: Properly include per chain contract json data in the created binaries
  • [Bug] #2784: Raiden node is no longer left with a partial update if it crashes during polling.

0.13.0 2018-10-12

  • [Feature] #2708: Add –showconfig CLI flag which dumps all configuration values that will control Raiden behavior.
  • [Feature] #2713: Added the protocol version in the Ping message.
  • [Feature] #2764: Support pre-deployed contracts on Kovan and Rinkeby testnets
  • [Bug] #2720: A lock expired message must be considered invalid if the block in which the lock expired has not been confirmed.
  • [Bug] #2730: Refuse to send a transfer and ignore it during receiving, if its secret is already registered on-chain.
  • [Bug] #2662: Fix wrong deserialization of snapshots in special cases.
  • [Bug] #2746: Refuse to process a payment with an identifier already in use for another payment, and return a 409 Conflict in that case.

0.12.0 2018-10-05

  • [Feature] #2568: Validate the state changes for the Delivered and Processed sender.
  • [Feature] #2699: Add /channels/<token_address> REST-API endpoint to query all node’s channels for a specific token.
  • [Bug] #2630: If a smaller deposit than total_deposit is given to the deposit RPC call then return 409 Conflict and not 200 OK.
  • [Bug] #2655: Raiden node will now properly crash if communication with the ethereum node is lost.
  • [Bug] #2676: Return an error if an invalid joinable_funds_target value is provided to the connect endpoint.
  • [Bug] #2567: Increase default channel reveal timeout to 50 blocks.

0.11.0 2018-09-28

  • [Feature] #2600: Improve logging for on-chain transactions
  • [Bug] #2535: Registering a secret on-chain for a locked transfer is now checked if it was received before the lock has expired.
  • [Bug] #2577: Small logging improvements
  • [Bug] #2602: On-chain secret reveal forces off-chain reveal
  • [Bug] #2603: Prevent crash in case of invalid Matrix server response
  • [Bug] #2609: Allow numeric network ids in the config file
  • [Bug] #2566: Warn the user about older existing database versions
  • [Bug] #2631: Prevent excessive state replay on restart

0.10.0 2018-09-21

  • [Feature] #2470: Add a main/test network switch enabling or disabling specific functionality depending on the network type.
  • [Feature] #2517: Increase the time a notification stays visible on the webui.
  • [Bug] #2414: If partner uses our old balance proof on-chain, the raiden client will now recover it from the WAL and properly use it on-chain.
  • [Bug] #2449: Fix a race condition when handling channel close events.
  • [Bug] #2501: Adds a matrix.private_rooms config to communicate only through private rooms in Matrix
  • [Bug] #2507: Fix a security issue where an attacker could eavesdrop Matrix communications between two nodes in private rooms
  • [Bug] #2512: Add descending order by block_number as default for blockchain events on webui.
  • [Bug] #2515: Adds validation for settle timeout against reveal timeout when opening a channel from the webui.

0.9.0 2018-09-14

  • [Feature] #2460: Pinned depedencies versions, builds are now reproducible and build artifacts won’t break because of downstream dependencies.
  • [Feature] #1473: Add gas price strategies that adapt the gas price to the network conditions.
  • [Feature] #2252: Adds payment history page to the webui.
  • [Feature] #2307: Matrix discovery rooms now are decentralized, aliased and shared by all servers in the federation
  • [Feature] #2287: Internal events now have timestamps.
  • [Bug] #2431: Do not crash on recoverable errors during settlement
  • [Bug] #2427: Fix a bug crashing the client when an unlock event for our address is seen on the chain
  • [Bug] #2419: Fix Matrix transport crash due to inability to decode events
  • [Bug] #2439: Return properly filtered results from the API payments event endpoint
  • [Bug] #2370: Fixes a few issues with the token amount input.
  • [Bug] #2437: Fix a bug where neighbors couldn’t communicate through matrix after restart
  • [Bug] #2453: Connection manager will no longer be stuck if there are no available channel partners
  • [Bug] #2367: Token network selection dropdown will not filter out not connected networks.
  • [Bug] #2461: For received payments events filter based on the initiator.

0.8.0 2018-09-07

  • [Feature] #2340: Add --accept-disclaimer argument to bypass the experimental software disclaimer.
  • [Feature] #2363: Add copy functionality for addresses shown on the webui.
  • [Feature] #862: Switch WAL serialization format to JSON in order to facilitate for WAL upgradability.
  • [Feature] #1894: We now start having nightly releases found here:
  • [Bug] #2336: Fixes webui wallet page not loading data due to error.
  • [Bug] #2283: Fix API server Internal server error at token deposits.
  • [Bug] #2291: Adds EIP55 address validation to webui address inputs.
  • [Bug] #2362: Renamed wallet to tokens in the webui.
  • [Bug] #2356: Create a new database per token network registry.
  • [Bug] #2373: Include events for received payments in the payment events API endpoint.

0.7.0 2018-08-31

  • [Feature] #2225: Using a constant expiration for lock, making sure that on-chain unlocks are atomic.
  • [Feature] #2285: Request user acknowledgement for the experimental software disclaimer.
  • [Feature] #2251: Add webui support for switching token input between decimal and integer values.
  • [Feature] #2296: Gracefully handle malformed messages
  • [Bug] #2170: Removed block number from internal events and rearranged REST API debug endpoints
  • [Bug] #2264: Notification fonts are now aligned with the rest of the WebUI.
  • [Bug] #2278: Fixes leave network button request.
  • [Bug] #2277: Fixes sorting by balance for tokens and channels.
  • [Bug] #2284: Fixes balance notifications showing for wrong channels.
  • [Bug] #2282: Fixes internal webui error that would not propagate channel updates.
  • [Bug] #2275: Adds scientific notation for really small fractions when displaying balances.
  • [Bug] #2293: Initiator had the payment and message identifiers swapped.

0.6.0 2018-08-24

  • [Feature] #2253: Make addresses in REST logging user readable
  • [Feature] #2134: Database is now versioned and the DB directory path now uses that version
  • [Feature] #2192: Show notification on the WebUI when transfer is received or when channel is opened
  • [Feature] #2034: Update WebUI’s design
  • [Bug] #2197: WebUI now handles token decimals
  • [Bug] #2233: Fix MatrixTransport exception for invalid user displayname
  • [Bug] #2176: Expose total_deposit in the Rest API and fix depositing in the WebUI
  • [Bug] #2198: Fix building of the WebUI in the linux bundle.

0.5.1 2018-08-17

  • [Feature] #439: Limit the number of pending transfers per channel.
  • [Feature] #1898: Improve the event formatting in the REST API
  • [Bug] #2111: Correctly update network graph for non-participating channels
  • [Bug] #2164: Update echo node to work with the new endpoint for channel history

0.5.0 2018-08-10

  • [Feature] #1950: Breaking change: Better transaction handling on restart. This change breaks binary compatibility with the previous WAL.
  • [Feature] #1998: Add a strategy to make sure that the account Raiden runs on always has enough balance to settle all channels. No new channels can be openend when no sufficient balance for the whole channel lifecycle is available.
  • [Feature] #2084: Rename the /transfers/ endpoint to /payments/.
  • [Feature] #1949: Add an endpoint to query the payment history.
  • [Feature] #682: Store a Snapshot of WAL state as recovery optimization.
  • [Feature] #2090: Rename transfers to payments in the webui.
  • [Bug] #2027: Raiden should now be able to connect to Infura.
  • [Bug] #2125: Show proper error message for invalid tokens on /connections.
  • [Bug] #2149: Don’t crash if reusing same payment identifier for a payment

0.4.2 2018-08-02

  • [Feature] #1844: Log debug output to a file to make debugging of problems easier.
  • [Feature] #2011: Add a --disable-debug-logfile argument to disable the always on debug file if required by the user.
  • [Bug] #1994: Starting Raiden with a corrupt database will now throw a proper error instead of crashing with an exception.
  • [Bug] #1996: Providing contracts addresses via the CLI that either have no code or contain unexpected code will now result in an error and not crash Raiden.
  • [Bug] #1817: Change the webui error message when the token registration fails.
  • [Bug] #1821: Show a better error message when channel creation fails.
  • [Bug] #2039: Return error for negative deposits via REST API
  • [Bug] #2004: Show a webui error when JSON-RPC requests fail.

0.4.1 2018-07-27

  • [Feature] #1825: Added periodical update notification and security releases checks.
  • [Bug] #1975: Fix balance hash generation for zero transfers and empty locksroot
  • [Bug] #1899: Print proper error without throwing exception if no accounts are found in the keystore
  • [Bug] #1911: The syncing message is now printed properly and does not repeat across the screen
  • [Bug] #1902: Check for ethnode connection at start and print proper error if Raiden can not connect
  • [Bug] #1869: Various matrix improvements. Prevent DOS attacks, and race conditions that caused client crashes. Require peers to be present to send message to them. Improves user discovery across Matrix federation.
  • [Bug] #1916: Return E409 on two concurrent conflicting channel deposits
  • [Bug] #1960: Return E409 when trying to open a channel for a token that is not registered
  • [Bug] #1969: Return E409 if negative initial_funds are given to the connect endpoint
  • [Bug] #1883: Properly update menu state when channel state changes on webui
  • [Bug] #1976: Remove the ability to removedb. User should not be able to easily delete local state.
  • [Bug] #1897: Limit number of concurrent matrix connections so that raiden client does not crash.
  • [Bug] #1879: Leaving a token network should now work. Also removed the only_receiving parameter from the leave endpoint

0.4.0 2018-07-19

  • [Feature] #1328: Use separate database directory per network id. This is a breaking change. You will need to copy your data from the previous directory to the new network id subdirectory.
  • [Feature] #1195: Improve AccountManager error handling if keyfile is invalid.
  • [Feature] #1518: Update installation docs with Homebrew tap and update Homebrew formula on release.
  • [Feature]: Restartability in case of a proper shutdown of the Raiden node.
  • [Feature]: Smart contracts refactoring for readability, gas costs and new features.
  • [Feature]: New Matrix transport protocol.
  • [Feature]: Considerable codebase refactoring.
  • [Bug] #1237: Inform the user if geth binary is missing during raiden smoketest.

0.3.0 2018-02-22

  • [Feature] #921: Add /api/1/connection API endpoint returning information about all connected token networks.
  • [Feature] #1022: Include an errors field in all unsuccessful API responses.
  • [Feature] #1010: Add amount and target to EventTransferSentSuccess event.
  • [Feature] #670: Block raiden startup until ethereum node is fully synchronized.
  • [Feature] #1037: Add show_default to CLI options.
  • [Feature] #507: Making python’s channels crash resilient (recoverable). Note, this is a breaking change, the serialization format of channel objects changed to a WAL compatible representation.
  • [Feature] #1038: Introduce an upper limit for the settle_timeout attribute of the netting channel.
  • [Feature] #1097: Added --gas-price command line option.
  • [Feature] #1093: Reconnect raiden to ethereum node after disconnect.
  • [Feature] #1015: Added macOS compatibility and binary releases.
  • [Feature] #87: Update raiden to use Python 3 and the latest version of pyethereum.
  • [Feature] #1230: Unless specifically provided gas price and gas limit are now dynamically calculated from the eth_gasPrice() and latest blocks limit respectively.
  • [Bug] #1011: Remove settled attribute from the NettingChannel smart contract.
  • [Bug] #870: User selectable NAT traversal.
  • [Bug] #450: Removed block_number from contracts events, using block_number from block on which it was mined.
  • [Bug] #1049: Make raiden byzantium compatible by no longer relying on estimateGas.
  • [Bug] #1044: Rename /connection API endpoint to /connections for consistency.
  • [Bug] #1138: REST and Python API close did not work if a transfer was made.
  • [Bug] #1261: REST API now returns json error for invalid endpoints.
  • [Bug] #1224: Fix internal server error on REST endpoint /events/tokens/ for non-existing tokens.
  • [Bug] #1217: Correctly decode network events in the REST API.
  • [Bug] #1273: Don’t crash when using the --nat=ext:IP command line option.

0.1.0 2017-09-12