Dev environment with nix and direnv

Install nix

Install the nix package manager, by running

curl | sh

or better, verify integrity of the installer script first according to

If you would like to set up python manually run

nix-shell nix/shell.nix

from the project root and nix will install all system dependencies and make them available in your current shell. Then continue with the Installation from source section.

You can also let direnv take care of activating the nix shell and a python virtual environment for you.

Install direnv

Install direnv for instance by running

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.direnv

Hook it into your shell

eval "$(direnv hook bash)"  # for bash
eval "$(direnv hook zsh)"   # for zsh
eval (direnv hook fish)     # for fish

and add that line into ~/.bashrc (or equivalent) for future use if desired.

Activate direnv


ln -s nix/envrc-nix-python .envrc
direnv allow

which will

  1. Fetch all system dependencies with nix if necessary.

  2. Activate the nix shell.

  3. Create a python virtualenv for the project if necessary.

Now each time you cd into this directory, direnv will activate this environment.


make install-dev

to install the dependencies in requirements-dev.txt and raiden itself.